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March 03, 2005


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Turning quickly I saw trouble walk in my door in the shape of a nine year old, completely unexpected, and completely unwanted. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but I was on a case, a big one. Pietro, the SmarterCop, had gone missing the day before a big three... [Read More]


Tom Henderson

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I got all the free snowcones I could ever want. How about that? ;)

vw bug

Yep, South Florida is right there with you!


64 degrees, partly cloudy - can't beat it today in souther Illinois! Having a Mexican fiesta at my house tomorrow evening with some church friends! What fun, I'm cooking all day tomorrow!


Yeah, yeah, we envy you. Happy now? Enjoying other's misery, are you? ;)

I'm sitting here in 40-degree weather with 40-mph winds. No sports at all! And they're calling for penny-sized hail later today. Damn you. ;)

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