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April 26, 2004





100% right. Couldn't have said it better myself. Great job.


It may not be ALL about religion, but you can bet Bush wants to outlaw abortion to get the support of the religious fanatics and possibly for his own religious reasons.

ben 10 oyunları

the Carnival of the Bush Bloggers: May 3, 2004 Edition

Rheta O'Neal

Though many speak of the religious aspect everyone tippy toes around the murder aspect. Place any one of you supportives of murder in a room during an abortion which is a blatant act of murder and see how fast your pucking body causes your ignorant opinion to change.

The only thing I would change on the list of reasons to support an act of murder is rape. I was raped; violently and brutally for the most frightening 31 minutes of my life. Though it would be so heart wrenching to carry a product of his sperm it would be ludicrous to commit an addition to the crime with my own act of murder. This new life still can provide great joy to the many who can't have their own baby. A second act of violence is still murder no matter how you try to excuse it. The other excuses are a decision to be made with remembrance that your act will murder this child. I would say it would have to be a very alarming and critical reason to stand before the judge of all eternity and go with an abortion.

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