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May 23, 2004



Okay, a totally random question - did this Kevin fellow call your grandma a fascist before, during, or after the said prom? That must have made for a fun drive home....


Hehe... clarification, for the curious among you. Kevin came from out of town to go to prom with me (we met at Cornerstone Festival one year and became pen pals for a while there), and stayed at my grandparents' house for the weekend. My grandma gave him such a hard time about his haircut that at dinner with me and my parents the day after prom, he referred to her as a fascist. This has become a legendary story in my family, although I'm not completely sure if it ever got back around to Grandma, come to think of it.


Finale : season...i missed gilmore girls - my guilty pleasure
Martial arts : "kickboxing, sport of the future"; "what do we love?" "PAIN!" (stolen from say anything)
Flirt : fun!
Energy : none
Flavor : saver (take that any way you want, it's what i think...probably because it rhymes.)
Guess? : jeans...i'm a girl from the 90's all the way
Accomplishment : graduation
Prom : overrated
Diploma : scholastic (why didn't i do my freaking homework in high school?)
Bloody : nose...

Kevin Isleb

Finale: Ain't what they used to be. Really dug the end of Buffy the Vampire Slyer, though.

Martial Arts: is not a sport. So says that place down Western Ave.

Flirt: Cad! Actually have used the pick up line "What?" on a number of occassions when being eyeballed at the bar.

Energy: costs too much.

Flavor:As in "What's the flavor, Flavor?"

Guess?: What?

Accomplishment: After all these years, I can still look at myself in the mirror.

Prom: I had fun, but they sure ain't what they crack them up to be. Kind of like going to the circus. You hear all about how this will change your life because it's the coolest thing ever, and it's just another dance. At least it doesn't smell as bad as the circus.

Diploma: Got bachelors in Broadcast Journalism and English Communications with minors in Religeous Studies and Political Theory. Which I am putting to good use teaching people with varying degrees of developmental disablities how to garden.

Bloody: My wife hates it when I use this word, pointing out I am not British.

Clarification of the clarification: this fellow called Denni's gram a fascist. I call alot of people fascist: nuns, yuppies, the President, radio programmers, I think it's starting to lose meaning. Either that, or there a LOT of fascists out there. I'm telling you, Mussolini would be proud. Not me though.

P.S. Hi Denni!


You called me a facist once.

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