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May 05, 2004



Since poetry is not the norm, I've decided to evaluate your post in poetic form.

The post will be up shortly.

John M

I really love this bit:

"The sharing of my words, my thoughts and my experiences
Sheds a little more light on what it means
To be a part of this vastly varied human race."

I also started writing a blog a few months ago. Sometimes it frustrates me when I think that no one is reading it but every once in a while, something I say starts my friends talking in the comments and I'm thrilled. I like to think of it as my virtual dinner party.

It's not been long that I've realized that each of us needs to contribute so that others can have outside stimulus. Like beautiful cars and well tended gardens, the words you send out are touching other people's lives. So, and I expect that you intended this, not only are you shedding more light so that you can see, you are also helping us see as well. I can't speak for others, but I can sense some of my own thoughts getting clearer by reading your opinions.

Great stuff!

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