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May 25, 2004



NO WAY!!! I used to work with LaNora's daughter and son in law - pastors Tim and Kari. What a small world indeed! I've only met LaNora once or twice, but she is such a powerful woman with a heart for Christ - so spunky!!! I've fallen out of touch with Tim and Kari, but I think of them often - and little Noah!

i haven't read the post yet - just saw the name and had to comment!

i'll be back after i read... ; )


oh my - definitely Something working here. i have so many thoughts - all scattered.

first - it amazes me how we can find all instruction needed for this life in God's Word, yet we never use it fully...never completely understand...

second - go for it. the songs aren't yours - they're God's, and He wants them to be sung. even if it's not a way to make a living, He wants you to sing His praises, and others may find something new in your words.

third, and this is spooky - i have that calendar. it's on my wall at work. seriously - i read about the purple flower and "sing to the Lord..." and i glanced up and read the words for myself. coincidental, maybe, but He wants you to sing - wants us all to sing a new song...and i'm reading so much about the whole "emergent" movement lately, but am unable to organize my thoughts of what i need to we need to sing a new song, a new way, a new message with Christ at the center...

fourth - i want to go back to fountain of life and hear tim and lanora preach!!! i miss them!

blessings and tears abound for you today songstress!!! thank you for sharing your thoughts!


Hi, songstress ... Just found your journal via the "waiting list" at leftieblog.

Interesting post. Strikes a chord, or three! Struck particularly by the question you answered all those years ago: "If you knew that you could not fail, what would you be willing to do for God?"

Hang onto that prophecy you were given. And get those songs out into the open. :)


You go, girl! You have a gift (even if I am your Mom!) I've never doubted that. Your way with words just amazes me and always has. God gave it to you for a reason - your song "Breathe" was one of the most unique and profound songs I've ever heard! I know it would really bless the Kingdom. You are called, you are chosen. Step into the waters - when God says it's time! Be ready!

Rheta O'Neal

Wow, I hope you have gone on with God's plan. Twenty Five years ago I babysat for a young couple with a brand new daughter who sang for us in a very small church of 50 or so people. They had a small bible study in their parents home and would always start out with worship. I don't think any one of us saw God's bigger vision for her gift of writing and the anointing they had on them.

Their names are Charlie and Jill LeBlanc with Joyful Word Ministries. They went on to move to St. Louis where they they joined with an unknown woman who wrote a wonderful newsletter for their church. That woman went on to become quite well-known and asked them to lead her worship for her meetings all over the world-Joyce Meyers. Then they led worship for Reinhart Bonke and many others and have gone around the world. When we are faithful in the small things God catapults us into His magnificent plan. Do lay this gift on a bookshelf. He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it. Amen!!!!

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