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May 31, 2004


Kevin Isleb

Hey! These are cool!

Lover: "all you used to me doesn't seem to be enough"

Ridiculous: right now I am thinking this rain we've had in Chicago this past month.

Oscar: I think of the episode of "The Young Ones" when Neil goes on a brief summary of the man and poet, Oscar Wilde. Oh yeah! How come 'Amelie' didn't get the Oscar for best picture?

Tennis: elbow

Account Balance: I have a plan. My friend will play the french horn and people will stop and say, "Hey! Look at that guy playing a french horn!" Then I will brain them and take their stuff, thus having more of an account balance.

Hickey: vaccuum cleaner.

License: I don't drive, but I think my motorcyle operators licence is still good in Wisconsin.

Breathmints: lifesavers, and I don't mean the candy.

Texmex: Wrestling great, Eddie Guererro.

Stepmother: Wire hangers! No more wire hangers! Ever!

Yeah, these are cool. Thanks, Denni!

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