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July 01, 2004


Jacob Merrell

This is what I think would be an allstar lineup, that would wins aroud 100+ ballgames, mabey even a world series or two. Another interesting fact about this team is that it only costs aroud $60 million a year! If you think I'm crazy, see what happens if th Diamondbacks roster looked something like this.

Starting Rotation
#1 Starter-Jake Peavy
#2 Starter-Ben Sheets
#3 Starter-Carlos Zambrano
#4 Starter-Oliver Perez
#5 Starter-Brandon Webb
Starting Lineup
Center Field- Juan Pierre
Catcher- Damian Miller
First Base-Lyle Overbay
Second Base-Luis Castillo
Third Base-Mike Lowell
Short Stop- Craig Counsell
Left Field- Corey Patterson
Right Field- Carl Crawford
Starting Pitcher-Jake Peavy
CP- Brad Lidge
SU- Mike Gonzalez
MRP- Jose Valverde
MRP- Jon Raunch
MRP- Mike Koplove
LRP- Chris Capuano
LRP- Stephen Randolph
LRP- John Patterson
1B/3B-Chad Tracy
UTL. -Robby Hammock
2B/SS-Alex Cintron
PH-Carlos Baerga
OF-Luis Terrero
OF-Chris Snyder
2B-Matt Kata

Everyone one this roster is here for a purpose, and all of them can play. I'll briefly describe each player to you.

Jake Peavy- The guy has nasty stuff and great control, low ERA's.
Ben Sheets- Wicked curve, blazing fastball, 2.70 ERA last year.
Carlos Zambrano- This guy is awsome! Great velocity and ERA's are on a very nice decline. 2004, 2.75 ERA.
Oliver Perez- 98 heater, wicked slider, 2.98 ERA, awsome. Going to win a ton of games with offense.
Brandon Webb- What's this guy making? Like 1 million a year, and he has around a 3.20 career ERA? Amazing.
Juan Pierre- .995 fielding last year, blazing speed with 45 steals, lots of hit and high OBP.
Damian Miller- .999 fielding! Must I say more!
Lyle Overbay- Monster, good slugging and OBP. Great glove, almost broke single season doubles record.
Luis castillo- A+ fielder, great speed and great OBP.
Mike Lowell- Very underated player. 20 homers 85 rbi's are very regular. Last year at 3B .982 fielding%. Witch!
Craig Counsell- Crazy man, numbers aren't huge, fielding top notch, but he is awesome.
Corey Patterson- Pretty big bat, lots of speed and great glove and arm.
Carl Crawford- good BA, lots of steals and good fielder.
Brad Lidge-going to be the best closer in the history of the game. 157 K's last season!
Mike Gonzalez- great set up man, lower ERA than even K-Rod.
Jose Valverde- good fastball, good slider, great salary.
Jon Raunch- good pitcher, no salary.
Mike Koplove- just a great pitcher.
Chris Capuano- Great change-up great stuff solid ERA's.
Stephen Randolph- good pitcher, good slider.
John Patterson- great curve, solid pitcher.
And, of course the bench. All of these players are very good back-up men and the highest salary of the bunch is around 1.2 million dollars.

I love the diamondbacks, and I don't like to see them loose, and I'm very sure many people don't either. So this lineup will insure success in the desert.
Deticated fan,
Jacob Merrell

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