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August 18, 2004



Not that this comment will ever make it anywhere...but the Metro YC's IS the original, and the others are knock-offs.. The one at Metro has great food and has been around much longer than the other locations... and yes i t is called YC'S Mongolian BBQ, not Grill. Go fig. But who cares.

jeff hornbrown

the workers at Metro are very rude and make you feel like a theif when you go back esp the girl at the register she definetly has a attitude like she is so great.. will not ever return or would not recommend because of this girl(acts like she owns the place) not friendly at all.....


Actually, the Scottsdale and Tempe (McClintock) locations opened along with Metro but the original owners (husband/wife) divorced and he got one and she got two. Since then the one (Metro) has gone downhill. Unfortunately the name is so similar it often gets confused with the other two. So the owner has changed it to Grill instead of BBQ. Hope that clears it up. I know this is an older article but what the hey.

Adam Wright

the YC at the metrocenter isnt even there any more. it closed down. I've been there a couple times and it was ... alright. not the friendliest, but the food was good.

Id rather have stirfry anyway, the fat noodles are bomb... and i merk those crab puffs.

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