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September 09, 2004


Bonnie Warford

I think you are reaching, to say the least. Nowhere in the referenced newspaper article is there any mention of Janet Napolitano's sexuality, "ambiguously gay" or otherwise. This is verging on slander, isn't it? And even if she was gay, what does that have to do with how she can govern the state?


Ah, the link wasn't really meant to explain my reference to Governor Napolitano... I just call her that because there's always been speculation whether or not she's a lesbian. It's irrelevant when it comes down to it. The point of (that portion of) my rant really is that Joe Arpaio's campaigning for her rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. That's just a small part of the reason why I'm not sticking with "America's Toughest Sheriff" this year. The other links tell the rest of the story.


i hadn't heard about the tank episode. that's terrible. i feel like such a bad citizen, i didn't vote...

i think sheriff joe should be on his way out, too.

Big Brother

Bravo, sis. Now if we could only get the rest of the Christian community (and the Sheriff) to think throught their votes and decisions in the light of "what does the Lord require of you?"

Do justice
Love mercy
Walk humbly with your God

Two out of three wouldn't be so bad, but half of one doesn't cut it.

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