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Beyond the Stereo: Stuck in My Head

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October 19, 2004



WOW! That change in attitude is very appropriate for today! Paul tells us to "know the season that we are living in and adjust our lifestyle accordingly". God needs to speak to all of us to intercede for perfect strangers. That is what is going to make the difference in our hearts, our lives, and our world! The harvest is great, the laborers are few (few people who take time to even think about the harvest, let along work in it)! Words fitly spoken, prayers prayed; taking advantage of down time sitting at a stop light. Your heart is showing, my daughter! I love you for it!

Randy McRoberts

Excellent post! I have had similar epiphanies, and it really can be life changing.

God has used you to help me at this point. Thanks for being available to him.

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