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December 13, 2004



That's rough, especially at the holidays! I have my fingers crossed for you getting it done pretty quickly - it's never cheap.


I don't understand why you have to replace the unit and incur the cost, if this is a problem for the whole building. Wouldn't that be the fault of the Homeowner's Association? Did just your unit cause the problem, or was the wiring faulty for the whole building?


If you ever have another electrical problem this is advice from an Journeyman wireman electrician with 55 yrs hands on experience. Call the local National Electrical Contractors Asc. (NECA)
Ask them for a list of (IBEW)International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers contractors. Then talking to two or three of them. Insist on a graduate of the state electrical apprenticeship program do the work.

I assure you it will cost less to have reliable quality work done.

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