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Beyond the Stereo: Stuck in My Head

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January 18, 2005



I'm sorry! I didn't have anything to do with it! You didn't take it after me!! But, you have a good attitude about it - finally!! But, you did have beautiful naturally curly hair that was to die for in high school and college!! So, you got something wonderful in exchange. (You do look a lot like ole' Ben!! HA!)


you're not alone!! i've always wore bangs too. without them, i'd prolly die lol.
so yeah, i have a high forehead too. and since my face is so thin [because i'm thin too. grr.], my face looks extra long! i'm so jealous of the people who have nice, full faces with a normal-sized forehead.
one time my cousin said i looked like a guy with my hair and bangs all pulled back. :(
i'm glad that my face matches my body though [both tall/long and thin]. what if i was really short? that'd look sorta weird.
and you SO do not look like benjamin franklin. i mean, you might have the same face shape sorta, but that doesn't mean you look like him. lol.

Happily Married, but unhappy with self

I'm sorry you feel that way, but I know EXACTLY what you mean ! You really do have a good attitude about it. I went through a similar experience. I was about 9 years old when my "closest friend" in school was "kind enough to point it out to me".. I never thought about it .. until that day I never had bangs.. and it's all I think about. I've obsessed about how perfect other people's foreheads are and they don't realize it !! It's taken for granted.. I hairspray my bangs to death because i'm afraid on a windy day i'll expose it and will be humilated. It's so frustrating even though i'm an adult now. I still care how people view me. My friends and family are so sweet and think i'm delusional but I can see it.. and i've been told since by a couple of other people ! I know i'm not crazy.. I have 20/20 vision. It's good to hear about someone who understands how I feel inside. Try to be positive.

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