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January 27, 2005


Tom Henderson

I'm glad to see I made the list somewhere. Regarding #94, I understand exactly why you did that. On my iPod, the vast majority is music, with a few comedy albums. When I put it on Shuffle Songs, I will enjoy a few hours with a set of 10 songs, and an intermittent comedy break, usually Bill Cosby. Perhaps someday I will create a radio station that follow this format, and I will become extremely wealthy.

Or I will quickly become bankrupt.


I understood number 43 even before I saw number 44. Thanks to my 5 year old for that.


Well it's about time you got around to doing one of these! Sheesh! Don't feel guilty that it took until #32 to mention a personal relationship with Jesus--those of us who visit here often already knew about the relationship anyway! Thanks for sharing a small slice of your life...


added to the list of things we have in common are numbers 29 (though at one point i think it was 16 cats, and all of them my favorites - we had three or four mother cats at one point), 38, 79, 80, and 88. : )


Hi, it's so sad to hear about something like that of your dad. I basically don't think I'll ever go through a wedding in such tragedy. But I admire your bravery. It seems like you've put everything behind now but kept his memories.

Anyway, I'm also having the same problem as you do. I also am not done sending thank-you gifts to them till I realize that I can basically just settle for Leather Luggage Tags. They're much cheaper, classier, and useful.

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