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January 27, 2005



I had forgotten the horror of that day when I received a call from the emergency room that my daughter was there with a possible fractured jaw/chin and was getting stitches! You did look pretty bad! But, hey, you survived the hypodermic needles!!!! YEAH! Life is full of needles, my sweet especially when you become pregnant! Get used to it! It's all for a good cause!

Tom Henderson

Why did I never hear about this story? Between this and the LSU concert at the Fire Escape, I evidently ran off to Minnesota a couple of months too soon.


Ouch!!! My chin hurts just reading that! How long did it take to heal completely?

Now you see, that's the kind of thing that would happen to me. I just HATE embarrassment, so I guess life is trying to get me to "face my fears". :)

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