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Beyond the Stereo: Stuck in My Head

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February 09, 2005



At least Hubby-Head was lucky it wasn't a skunk! You need to ask him why that is :)


Skunk would have been worse. Opossum wouldn't have been much fun either.


"flyingninjastrangerkitty" is my favorite. : )

we have a kitty friend who we nicknamed fluffy. the three-year-old began calling him/her/them (we found out he's really two different cats who look exacly the same) snuffy. snuffy has decided that terrorizing our three cats through my sliding glass door is the best thing ever. well, the best thing ever after clawing up every screen on my house. on monday i had had enough. i didn't want to hurt him/her/them, so i picked up a glass and threw water on him/her/oneofthem. then i had to do it again on wednesday. a few more times and i think snuffy will stay in her partially opened garage...

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