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April 13, 2005



the TOP news story yesterday was about a kid who got bit by a black widow
granted--its not fun--but i know SEVERAL other people who have suffered black widow bites and they did not make the top news story

vw bug

Nothing interesting to even put here... well maybe that FULL page ad for a test for Menopause that was just as easy as pregnancy test. Sigh.


Hmmm...that whole leech up the nose thing was kinda weird for me.


and all that with a tumbleweed that blew across the CCOJ parking lot this afternoon...unbelievable! Guess I'll have to start carrying my own vid cam.


"What's lame on your local news today?"



Talk about lame - today the "politically correct monster" reared his ugly head and now "c" is no longer for cookie -- it's for carrots! Somehow I can't see that blue fuzzy guy saying "mmmm...carrots" :(

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