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May 26, 2005


vw bug

How about buying me one as well? I have a 'working camera' but after I dropped it the lcd display doesn't work. Takes great pictures, but you have to use it like an old fashion camera and look through it.

Rodney Olsen

We recently had to get a new camera after our digital decided it no longer wanted to work. Like you, we decided it would be too expensive to have our 'old technology' digital camera fixed.

I don't know why it broke. Perhaps it had something to do with sitting in my back pocket during two cycling trips through India and two rides across Australia. :)

Kenneth Scicluna

Hi! I've had the exact same thing happen to my 4600. Was taking pictures of a feast in Malta (in the Mediterranean) and was hit by, of all things, a tangled ball of paper strips, which people were throwing as confetti. The front guard came off, and because the street was knee-high in paper, did not even manage to find it. Did you manage to repair the camera, or did you give up on it?


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