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May 29, 2005



Stopping by to say hello....

I just typed the letter M in my browser address bar thinking my own blog would be listed first. It wasn't. That is so wrong, don't you think. I love Firefox burt I want it to at least put me first in my own browser...oh well.

I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. See...another M.

Crystal Clear

Awww...thanks so very much....Glad to know you are along for the adventure!

Miss O'Hara

Awww, thanks. :)

This is actually a fun meme. I think it would be fun to do this one once a year, just to see what changes, you know?


Hey, I commented here when you first posted it and now I see that it didn't show up! Anyway, you are very sweet to include me here and say such kind things (as well as being in such good company and on such a great blog!).


and I totally agree with you about Miss O'Hara--I even put a bug in her ear, and she was game...but just too late in the game :(

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