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June 10, 2005



Oh, you lovely, lovely lady!

Stupendous job!

Thank you for all the hard work.

; )


Impressive effort with the recipes..and I like your site in general


WOW! This must have taken you forever! What a great job --I can't wait to look through all the links...thanks!

Brian B

Thank you ever so much for the link love. Considering from whom I got the marinade recipe, and the part of the world where he was born, you never know just why it's called Monkey Meat. ;-)

the pragmatic chef™

Great job! Thanks for the nice words.

BTW, I'm a fella. I guess I have to put a bio together...


[but my Mom calls me Scott]


Wow, what a post! And this week's recipes all sound superdelicious! I need more time (and a faster metabolism) so I can try out all these delish dishes. Good stuff, maynard! :)

Jim Holmes

Holy smokes, great job with the postings! It's very impressive that you took time to peruse folks' blogs and put a bit about each.

Thanks for your hard work!


Thanks so much for making all of us look so good. I, too, appreciate the time you took to get to know us and share your findings. I have been drooling since I pulled up your post. So many recipes, so little metabolism!


Good work... That must have taken eons to type.


Songstress, you did such a splendid job - and it's obvious you looked around each blog you feature. Wow! Serious dedication! It certainly paid off with this chapter of the Carnival.

Beautifully done. Thank you!


Shawn Lea

Great job - thanks for all of the work. It was fun to get to know everyone a little better since they've been feeding me for so long! ;)


I am off of my Migraine deathbed, and took a brief look....WOW, you went the extra mile. I believe this is the first time my site has been referred to as Eponymous....I might have to use that in a side bar quote, when I figure out how that is done.

Donna B.

Fantastic Carnival, I love it! I can't imagine the time you put into it. Next week's menu has been adjusted accordingly, but all the other great links you've included are going to cut down on my cooking time!

btw - this is first time I've been accused of having style :-)


Wonderfully done. Thank you!

John Nordstrom

Good morning, Deni,

I read your most recent blog this morning. Your honesty in speaking of difficulty in saying , "He is good to me..."needed to be said. So often, grief is wrapped in platitudes. You have a way of transprting us to times and places where we have had to express similar honesty

The turn of events which has occurred in your life has come close to all of us here at the church. As your story has unfolded for us, I have been sorry that I did know you and Jason better. What a gift you have been to each other.

Than you for sharing yourself with us.
John Nordstrom Sr.


Sounds intersting.. Sometimes I just have to go with my exotic range I have a nice joke for you) Why do birds fly south for the winter? It's quicker than driving.


keep up the good work!

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