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September 15, 2005



Radio and theater background? YOU, madam, need to podcast.

And I like your choice of licence plate better -- requires a bit more thought than L8 AGN

Tom Henderson

The thought of quitting a job is nice until it comes time to do it. Case in point: I've just accepted a new position (still programming, I will just be doing more programming and on the latest-and-greatest platform). For a good six months or so, I've been dreaming of when I could bid my present company a fond adeu. I've even accepted the offer. Now that it's time to actually give notice, I'm surprised to find that it's much harder than I realized. Not only is it making me incredibly tense, but I'm not finding the opportunity to sit down with my manager and discuss the matter. I was all set yesterday afternoon, and she cancelled the meeting. I was bracing myself to do it this morning, but she's not going to be in today. Aaargh! I can now see why my predecessor just stopped coming in one day.


Late as usual...hahaha


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