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September 16, 2005



The life of a night person is a double life. I'm disabled during the day, due to fatigue/MS, yet I am expected to show up for anything scheduled "while I'm not working!" I don't know too many day people who wouldn't be insulted by such demands made on their night hours. And we are still expected to make things up over the weekends, too.


Sounds like my life on a daily basis! Oh how I wish I could hit the Mega Millions and wash my cares away for at least a short time!


That property thing is happening down here in West Palm too. 10 years ago, an acre in the swamp was 10K. Now it's 300K. Blows me away. Unpaved roads, well and septic, and it floods when it rains... 300K... just for the land. Not near the coast. I'm talkin' swamp.

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