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December 20, 2005


Tom Henderson

While doing some Christmas shopping at a local Christian book store chain, I took a moment to peruse their marked-down CD selection. I decided to give myself an early present, so I bought these for a total of $5:

* The Choir-Flap Your Wings (it's about time I had a legit copy of this one)

* Knowdaverbs-The Syllabus (A little hip-hop goes a long way for me, but this one is really good. There was another CD by him in the bin, so I may need to pick that one up, too).

* Michael Roe-Say Your Prayers (Never heard of this one. I hope it's good)

* Seven and Seven Is-Fun With Sound (Just listened to it; man, this one's good. I now forgive Mike for "Drowning With Land In Sight")

* PFR-Goldie's Last Day (Eh. It's OK. I primarily picked it up to get a legal copy of "What Kind of Love")

Merry Christmas everyone...



Gift ideas seem to get harder every year. Next year you'll have to check out Flylady's clutter-free ideas (if you haven't already). They are really creative and great on the budget (most of the time).

I'm a fellow flybaby, although even after 4 years still I still have trouble with consistency. Just keep at it and you'll do great!


I hope I wasn't too bossy up there. Sorry.

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