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January 24, 2006


Tom Henderson

It helps that I can picture *exactly* the locations of which you write.

When I was bored in church, I used to open the hymnal and combine the song titles on the facing pages. 49 times out of 50, it made no sense. But on that 50th time, I usually got a stern look from my parents in the choir because of my reaction.


Well, I couldn't resist after seeing a similar word game on a Narnia discussion board.

Here's some of the ones posted there. In their version, you substitute "pants" at the end. People listed them by category, and although I don't know the last author, the altered titles are the best!

Chronicles of Narnia:
The Magician's Pants
The Lion, The Witch, and the Pants
The Horse and His Pants
Pants Caspian/Prince Pants
The Voyage of the Dawn Pants
The Silver Pants
The Last Pants/The Pants Battle

Much Ado About Pants
The Taming of the Pants
Pants for Measure
The Winter's Pants
Pericles, Prince of Pants
King Pants
A Midsummer Night's Pants
The Merchant of Pants
The Merry Pants of Windsor
A Lover's Pants
The Phoenix and the Pants
The Passionate Pants

Mary Stewart
The Crystal Pants
The Hollow Pants
The Pants Enchantment
The Wicked Pants
The Pants and the Pilgrim
Thunder on the Pants
Ludo and the Star Pants
A Walk in Wolf Pants
Touch Not the Pants (I love this one)

I'm sure some of the current songs on the radio are just dying for a pants makeover...

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