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April 28, 2006


Robin Caid

I'm with you all the way - as I type this with a fork of Panda orange chicken headed in my mouth! Are we related? Seriously, I just came back and brought this up to read while I eat. My standard panda is orange chicken and BBQ Pork with chile & hot mustard! mmm..mmm.mmm. Of course, now I'm feeling like a w.o.u.s. :)

Brian B

Usually I am in total agreement with you, but.... Panda Express' orange chicken disappoints me. I guess I'm blessed to live in a town with good Chinese food, but theirs just doesn't cut it.


Hunan's Empress Chicken can't be beat! Love it! Love it! Love it! Wish you were here to eat it with me! Remember the Cinnamon Chicken you fixed in college?

Miss O'Hara

lol! That is too funny. You horrible woman! Don't you care about THE CHILDREN?!!?


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