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July 23, 2006


Joe Greenlight

"BOBBY FREEMAN, YOU'RE A TEASE"??? I just spit Propel on my monitor. Good to know you still have your warped (in a good way) sense of humor.


My dad is Bobby Freeman. I showed this to him. He thought it was hilarious. He has to stop playing as soon as the batter puts one foot into the batters box. Some batters will take a long time and read signs or pitchers will take a while before throwing. Most of the time they are pretty quick at getting back in the box. They moved him to the top of FRIDAYS Front row on his own stage area. Now you can tell him face to face, haha. He was on Channel 3 this morning and channel 5 for opening day today. FYI: The Suns use his recorded music and the Coyotes are using him for a lot of the games now.

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