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July 22, 2008


Tom Henderson

In the last hour or so, I've had a couple of people mention the song "Mighty to Save" ( I fell in love with that song when we played it at Easter. It was my first time back playing six-string electric after many years of playing bass, and I was quite nervous, but I had a blast.

Thinking back on that time, we had no idea what was growing in my son's head. My wife, Deb, and I had a concept of "normal" that will never return. Every so often, Deb will look at me with tears welling up, asking if things will ever be back to "normal." In my humanness, I want to reassure her that yes, someday our life will be as it was. However, I know that isn't true, and the best I can do is say that there will be a "new normal." I have no clue what that will look like. The only reassurance is that God does know; he's always Lord of the "New Normal."

Sometimes "New Normal" encompasses a space of 1 square foot, just barely enough to stand on. However, that square foot rests in the hand of the Creator of the universe, and the Sustainer of life, and there is no place more solid.

(I think I may have found my next post on ...)

Jeannie Killian

It's no coincidence that as you sit and look at your computer today, you see IM (instant messaging) and you think of Jason, your "buddy". Separate all the words from the all the feelings and and all the tears from all the laughter and your post today translates in a note from Jason. He simply says, "I'm (IM) in heaven." Jason is still sending you hugs and kisses and love messages. Embrace the moments.
All my love and prayers.

vw bug

I'm not reading much for a week and whole lot happens. My prayers and hugs to you and your family.


You may or may not actually remember me, I played with you and Jason on the MUD, and in WoW. (Jennifer and I both did).

I'm still sad for you, that you have to go through this. If it's any consolation, and it may, or may not be, I see him online as well and it kills me to not to be able to send him some stupid random IM, or send him one of the many stupid one liners we'd send back and forth or talk WoW or some lame crap like that.

It sucks hugely and I only considered him a very good friend. I haven't any idea of what you're going through but if there's anything I, or Jennifer can do (which I know is a stupid thing to say, because I know there isn't) feel free to email me. I can send you our number. I still have Jason listed as Radish in my phone too.

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