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July 15, 2008


Jeannie Killian

Tears flowed and blow by blow I brought the hammer down.
She glowed bright and moldable.
Each strike she felt.
And it changed her.
I cried as I worked, because she cried.
But I worked.
And blow by blow My hammer fell.
Yes, my hammer in My right hand.
And she in My left, My thing of beauty, My work of art, My song, My shiny sword of choice.
I thrust her into icy waters.
She cried at the shock.
And I cried because she cried, but she never left My hand.
I began the intricate artwork...
the carving.
Some cuts went deep.
The work of My own right hand.
But what a thing of beauty I was making, for My own special use.
Oh, such joy I took in her!
But there are tears in such work.
I saw what I was carving, but she just saw bits herself falling to the floor.
It made her cry...and I cried because she cried.
But she is almost done.
A thing of beauty.
A work of art done by My own right hand.
And this magnificient piece I am proud of,

Karen - Illinois

What strength I sense in you. It's evident that God is with you...I pray for continued strength for you as you go through this very difficult time. Your Hubby is surrounded by awesome splendor and love. I guess we'll have to forgive him for that! Just doesn't seem right for him to go home so soon... but God's ways are not our ways. I'm sooooo sorry for your TEMPORARY loss! We're praying for you and asking God to surround you with his love, peace and tender mercies. We're here for you.

Lori Wilson

Thank you for reminding us all of how truly precious life and our families/friends are. You and Robin are in my daily thoughts and prayers. Thank you for being a model of faith, peace, patience and love for our Lord. May God continue to bless and keep you ~

Patrick Cox

I have the strongest snes that God has himself been with through all this - and you were absolutely right. The only thing you needed to say was how much you loved one another.

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