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July 17, 2008


Tom Henderson

Denni, you are allowed to say that as loudly and as often as you want.

In fact, I'll join you in the chorus:

Didn't ask for this, and don't want it.


You are allowed to feel this way. You are in my prayers today as well as David Moore's. We were in the class of '94 with Jason. He was always a nice guy. I liked Jason, he was a christian guy. I read your blog. You and Jason had a great love and a good outlook on how to be to one another. Nothing said to you today is going to make the hurt go away. But I hope you take comfort in all the good times you guys had together and remember that this is not the end, only the beginning. The good news is that you will see Jason again and never be seperated by death or fear. When this earthly life ends heaven is forever. It's hard right now.. surround yourself with friends and family. I will pray for you.
R.I.P. Jason class of '94.


Jeannie Killian

I hope the poem I wrote yesterday helped in some way to show that you are in God's right hand. Yes, feel any way you wish to feel right now. Just keep on feelin'. Keep on feelin'. All my love and support and prayers.


Seven years later, my Mom still says it. She's adjusted, she goes on, she travels and visits her family, but it's not what she signed up for, and she doesn't like it at all.

You're allowed to be mad. You're allowed to grieve.

But remember that you're here for a reason, and God has plans for you that you can't even imagine yet.

In the meantime, you are loved, and you are prayed for. I cannot imagine the pain you feel, but I know Someone who does, and He is always with you.



I think you and Tom and I are all sort of saying that together, at the same time, in different places, regarding different people, for slightly different reasons.

"Didn't ask for this, and don't want it."

I have been trying to think about why the three of us have all experienced some type of major spiritual/physical/emotional trauma in the past 3 months. Why all three of us, and why right now? As ridiculous and inadequate as it sounds, I have been trying to place myself in God's sandals and see things from a more "zoomed-out" perspective. I can't say that I have any profound revelations yet, but I do know this: he is bringing us together under one tent to support us (and so we can support each other) through our trials and to teach us more perfectly how to trust him.

Personally, I've never been a big fan of lessons like this.

However, it's the lessons during which we say, and I quote, "this sucks", that we learn the most about who we are and who God is and what we're not and what we will become.

Who we are: God's sons and daughters, adopted and granted through grace a full share of heaven.
Who God is: Our Father who wants the best for us even when we, like the children we are, kick and fuss.
What we're not: God and omnicient.
What we will be: In the presence of God Himself and loved without end.

Which doesn't alter the present fact that this DOES suck. I just hope that we see our love and support of each other as a gift from God that transcends time and distance.

God bless you and keep you in this time of deep sorrow and surrender to divine providence.


(apologies for grevious verbosity)

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