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August 15, 2008


Jeannie Killian

Two weeks ago we had to take our Bree (Silky Yorkshire Terrier) to the vet that lives at the end of our lane. He had diagnosed her with bone cancer three months earlier and we had chosen to have her leg removed. She was in pain and the vet thought the disease was contained. She was our daughter's 13th birthday present and we wanted to keep her with us until she left for deployment in October. She had an obviously pain free and happy two summer months doing what she loved and we hoped for a "hoppily ever after". However, she (nicknamed Tripod and Hoppy) began to lose weight the past couple weeks and seemed to fit the same behavior you have described. The vet was kind and came to our home so we could hold our "dog child" as she went to sleep. My heart goes out and I feel this pain and concern in your blog.

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