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August 13, 2008


Jeannie Killian

Thanks for Wordle. I'm not given to "easily amused" yet I find this site very "enlightening". Perhaps it is as I once heard in a very early psychology class taken when I wanted to be a doctor that helped people instead of the Ph.D. I've become. The professor said that one of the best ways of coping/dealing with difficulty/gaining ownership of a situation was with journaling. Writing the experiences/feelings and seeing them as a real entity. He then said people would have some ownership over circumstance and with that some control. Thanks for Wordle. It is truly therapeutic to see the words as existence. Luv



"Wordpool", you say?

Would this by chance be related to a book by Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge called "Poemcrazy"?

Interesting choice of words, that.

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