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Beyond the Stereo: Stuck in My Head

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November 26, 2008



Wow--I'd forgotten about those sudden tangents. ;-)

As much as I would like to say that you don't walk the road alone because all of your friends are, in a sense, walking it with you, that sounds shallow, I'm sure. Since we cannot be with you physically to help with the burdens and the pain, it feels like a solo flight.

Even so, Jen and I pray for you at almost every meal, and we think about you regularly--especially when we go to Pier 1 or run across something about SIU or any number of other things. Our only constant link at the moment may be prayer, but it's a strong link, and it transcends distance like nothing else can.

Still praying for you, and hoping that you wanderings bring you to our house sometime soon.

Love and prayers from both of us,


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