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Beyond the Stereo: Stuck in My Head

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October 19, 2009


Big Brother

I sense some deep meaning here... and look forward to such comments as may ensue.


Chock full of symbolism - why beat people over the head with it? :)

Big Brother

Off topic, but distantly "God stuff" related - I noticed two of my favorites missing from your "others I read" - IMonk, and my new absolute favorite, Theophiliacs...


I check in on iMonk now and again when someone mentions a good post... but I haven't gotten around to adding anything new to the blogroll in a while. I'll have to check out your suggestion :)


Hey Lady! Awesome dream!!


Yes!!! More love more love! A wonder-full dream- Amen! Thank You for sharing.


I sense a song in there somewhere...something about that imagery seems vaguely familiar.

And I keep thinking of plowshares...

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