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February 12, 2010



Preach, Sister, preach!

I was recently caught making the following comment in response to some rude, obnoxious behavior:

"If I wanted to be treated that way, I'd go to church."

Even fellow Christians are not immune to this lack of civility, and I've seen a bellyful in the past 5 years. Before I took a job in ministry, I would never have guessed how rampant the lack of (un)common courtesy is.

Just reinforces an observation by someone that I should have been born in the 1920s...

Karen Smith (Mom)

Yeah Paul! Church would be so much fun if it wasn't for people!!!


Dear Mom,


Yeah, I know--that comment sounds really bad. However, my point was not to imply that people have no business in church if they have attitude issues. Quite the opposite. In fact, that's why I'M there--to get a holy attiude adjustment. Rather, I was observing that I was surprised by the ability of many Christians (myself included) to be blind to their lack of courtesy at times.

As an example of Denni's post, we recently had a nasty round of backbiting amongst a handful of staff members. To resolve the issue, we requested a minister from another church assist us with an anger management "intervention". While the situation was handled within the context of Christian counseling, I was rather surprised when this solution was presented at a staff meeting. I was saddened by the fact that the people involved apparently could not find another way to resolve the ongoing conflict and reconcile with each other due to a spirit of intransigence.


I will admit, though...there are days when the "just God and me" approach sounds really appealing. ;-)

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Hi there,

You have made a wonderful explanation and we are almost the same. But as you can see, church is the only place where you can rest your soul and God is the only person who can understand you most. Don't forget it.

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